Company Profil

Helmut Klumpf KG, with its headquarter in Herten, represents for more than 50 years the crack detection product


Our products are in worldwide demand when destructive testing (NDT) for metal and partly non-metallic surfaces are wanted. Two methods of NDT are used here:

  • dye penetration (Penetrant Testing = PT)
  • magnetic particle testing (Magnetic Testing = MT).

With these surface cracks are visible in workpieces.The oldest German Red-White penetrant was found by Helmut Klumpf sen., developed in the Junkers aircraft and engine plant in Dessau in 1943 and patented under No. DRP 895 839. For an improved process in 1958 another patent No. 1.207.663 DBP was granted. Another method with much better display was developed by Helmut Klumpf jun., the current owner of the company, and was registered and granted in 1998 as an EU patent No. 0978719. Since 1980, our production was expanded to include the manufacture of magnetic particle inspection equipment.

Of course, all our products match the European EN standards and are checked patterns. The Helmut Klumpf KG is cooperative member of the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing for over 40 years DGZfP and is also a member of the German Welding Society DVS .

Our main concern is to deliver our products with constant high quality to our customers as quick as possible.