DIFFU-THERM ® goes green.


Our company is located at the edge of a recreation area in the Ruhrgebiet. For this reason we lay emphasis on environmentally friendly integration of our manufacturing operation.


Because of environmental protection our products are shipped in UN-certified packaging for years.

All aerosol cans have overhead valves already since 30 years. so that the application of the test equipment will be possible in almost any spraying position (except of the background color DPM).


In order to give a guarantee of proper disposal of used cans, we take back empty cans on request.

For this case, we operate an approved waste disposal facility and are in a position to issue the removal orders.


Since 2011 we improved the sustainability in our production by installing a solar system to produce energy. This covers about 50% of our needed energy.

In the future we´ll take care of environmentally-friendly production according to all our methods and business decisions.