Dye Penetrant System

DIFFU-THERM ® penetrant testing

Scope and purpose

Penetrant is used to display errors, such as Cracks, overlaps, wrinkles, pores and fusion, which are open to the surface. It is mainly used in metal workpieces, but can also be used for other materials, provided that such materials are not affected by the test equipment and / or non-porous.

Just ask the surface cracks in highly stressed workpieces are the most dangerous mistakes, because they can result due to the notch effect to an early break.


For the identification of such surface cracks is recommended especially destructive testing after DIFFU-THERM ® penetrant testing .



The implementation of the method is described in DIN EN ISO 3452-1 [571-1] and DIN 54 152 Part 1 defines and describes.



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